Se’i Sapi Lamalera – Website

To create an informative website, can provide information in a structured manner that supports user experience in order to have a flow, and easy to understand in terms of content and design. Build a bridge between information & call to action so that website visitor can directly act through the website.
Scopes of Project
Web Design and Development - Content Creation
Client:Se'i Sapi Lamalera

Taste the Original Signature
from Nusa Tenggara Timur

For us in Hiperbola!, website is the core of your online presence. We need to conveys the soul of Se’i Sapi Lamalera restaurant in the virtual world. It is the heart of all the campaigns that we run to promote Se’i Sapi Lamalera online, which clearly is where they customers are too. It is a highly effective tool for selling and reinforcing Se’i Sapi Lamalera’s brand image.

If you have a restaurant, it is essential to have a website that gives a taste of your business, through fine display of food photography, friendly languange and attractive template design as well as providing knowledge about the food itself.

Determine User Needs

The principal objective of Se’i Sapi Lamalera website should always be to attract customers to it’s restaurant. And of course, providing basic and useful information like contact, location and etc

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There’s nothing better than allowing everyone to know about your restaurant, no matter where they’re from. So we have to make sure that this website will become an excellent place to showcase what goes on behind the scenes at Se’i Sapi Lamalera and to engage online visitors by featuring current promotions, special offers, etc.

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